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The first SEGA general aviation conference was attended by as many as 60 participants and 15 companies, who had the opportunity to present themselves to all attendees through a three-day program consisting of presentations, B2B meetings, and panel discussions. Some of the main presenters were the currently largest global companies focused on the field of general aviation: Lycoming, Concorde Batteries, Lear Chemical, and Tempest Aero.

Representatives from regional companies had the opportunity to connect with international colleagues, exchange experiences, and discuss collaboration. This was precisely our goal, to create space for additional growth of general aviation in Serbia and the region through collaborative efforts.

One of the main highlights of this general aviation conference were B2B meetings. A variety of small and large companies had the opportunity to come together to explore potential partnerships. What started as handshakes quickly turned into agreements, and exchanging business cards became the promise of collaborative projects. The positive energy that was cultivated during the conference is now translating into real-world collaborations that hold the potential to revolutionize the industry.

SEGA Pioneers

“SEGA 2022 conference was an excellent, well attended and enjoyable event held in the beautiful city of Belgrade. Nenad and his SEGA team put together a great agenda and the event was very well organized. Concorde Battery greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet with delegates from the region. We look forward to the SEGA event in 2024.”

“Tempest Aero Group enjoyed attending SEGA general aviation conference. The scheduling of the show was well thought out and allowed us to spend time with customers in the region that we normally don’t get to see in person. We look forward to attending SEGA 2024.”

"Our experience at SEGA 2022 conference has been nothing short of exceptional. The quality of presentations and panel discussions exceeded our expectations, providing valuable insights and inspiring new ideas for our projects."

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Lear chemical research corporation

"We consider SEGA to be a remarkable platform for networking and knowledge exchange in the aviation industry. The diverse range of presentations and discussions offered valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations. We particularly appreciated the opportunity to connect with industry peers, potential collaborators, and experts from different regions."

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