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general aviation conference


The international general aviation conference SEGA (Southeast Europe General Aviation) is a business gathering of prestigious aviation companies focused on the field of general aviation, whose participants are producers and service providers from North America, Western and Southeastern Europe.

By linking the vibrant general aviation communities we aim to unlock the full potential of collaboration, enabling companies to access new markets, expand their networks, and enhance their capabilities. We envision a future where these connections lead to innovative solutions, technological advancements, and sustainable growth.

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Our aspiration is to create a platform that will facilitate networking, firstly "us with us," and then "us with others" in the region, and over time, through collaborative efforts, cultivate an atmosphere for additional growth of this sector in Serbia and the region. Additionally, we aim to assist manufacturers from North America in realizing that the Southeast European market is vibrant and that companies involved in general aviation in this region offer greater opportunities and support for their products.


The mission of the conference is to foster strong and lasting connections between companies, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities.


To create a platform where industry professionals, experts, and innovators from different regions can come together, exchange ideas, and establish meaningful partnerships that will drive the drowth of the general aviation sector.


Long term vision is to establish SEGA as a leading platform that connects companies, laying the foundation for long term collaboration, innovation, and advancement in general aviation.

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